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As a charity, the RNLI is always delighted to receive donations

 There are many ways you can donate. 

If you go to our Facebook page you’ll find a secure “donate” button. All donations made through our Facebook page come directly to us. 

f you wish to make a donation by cheque, and you would like it to be used exclusively at the Redcar lifeboat station, you can make a cheque payable to “RNLI (Redcar)”.

Then you can be certain that your donation is going to be used by us to save lives at sea. The address to send donations is: The Treasurer RNLI Redcar 43, Esplanade, Redcar TS10 3A.

And if you'd prefer, you can call the lifeboat station on 01642 484491 to arrange to call in personnally with your donation.