Incident Date Boat Details
29 1 December 2000 B580 Speed boat with 2 p.o.b. broken down at Saltburn in offshore winds. Boat towed to safety at Saltburn.
28 27 November 2000 B580 Call to assist police recover body from base of Huntcliff. Body, police officers, doctor and Scene of Crime officer all taken aboard B580 and returned to shore at Redcar.
27 20 November 2000 D523 Small speed boat (on its first outing!) with 4 p.o.b. broken down off Redcar. Boat taken into tow and returned to shore edge at Redcar.
26 17 November 2000 B580 Search at base of Huntcliff for person seen falling from cliff top. Search during darkness and high tide by lifeboat, police aircraft and Coastguards. Body later recovered by police.
25 12 November 2000 B580 Fishing boat with 2 p.o.b. broken down near Saltscar Buoy. Vessel located and towed to safety at Redcar. Crew then marched in the Remembrance Day parade at Redcar.
24 3 November 2000 None Crew dispatched to York to assist with mass evacuation after River Ouse breached flood defence barriers. Also crews from Whitby, Cleethorpes, Withernsea, Scarborough & Filey involved. Crews stood down as river levels stabilised.
23 3 November 2000 None Crew put on standby to evacuate residents of Yarm during severe flooding in large number of parts of the local area. Services not required and crew stood down.
22 2 November 2000 None Severe flooding in Skinningrove. Redcar Lifeboat crew assisted in the evacuation of 300 residents to safety.
21 29 October 2000 B580 Yacht with 2 p.o.b. reported to be standing in to danger in strong off-shore winds. B580 diverted from exercise to investigate. Yacht found to be making good way and no assistance required. B580 returned to continue exercise.
20 8 October 2000 B580 Cabin cruiser with 4 persons on board, broken down off Marske. Crewman had to enter the water to attach a tow line. Vessel towed to safety at South Gare.
19 23 September 2000 B580 Windsurfer reported to be in difficulties. Area search carried out – nothing found.
18 24 August 2000 D523 4 children believed to be cut off by the tide on rocks at Redcar. Waded ashore unaided.
16 & 17 18 July 2000 B580 & D523 Small sailing dinghy believed to be in difficulties close inshore in heavy seas. No assistance required.
15 2 July 2000 B580 Combined operation involving lifeboats, coastguard, fire and police to evacuate residents of Skinningrove from homes submerged by flash floods.
14 1 July 2000 B580 Surfer in difficulties. Returned to shore unaided.
13 27 June 2000 B580 “Kite Surfer” reported to be in difficulties. Found to be OK – when we could catch up with him!!
12 8 June 2000 B580 Small fishing boat with 1 p.o.b. broken down in strong winds. Vessel located and towed to safety at Redcar.
11 31 May 2000 B580 Boat reported to be in difficulties. Nothing found after extensive sea and air search. Believed to be malicious false alarm.
10 20 May 2000 B580 Windsurfer in difficulties after becoming becalmed. Returned to shore unaided when wind strength increased.
9 15 May 2000 B580 Small fishing boat reported to be in difficulties. B580 investigated – nothing found. False alarm with good intent.
8 7 May 2000 B580 Small fishing boat broken down with 3 persons on board. Towed to safety at Marske.
7 19 March 2000 D523 Children trapped on rocks by incoming tide. Escorted to safety.
6 13 March 2000 B580 Small fishing boat broken down approximately 1 mile from lifeboat station. Towed to safety at Redcar.
5 5 March 2000 B580 Report by police of man attempting suicide. Services not required.
3 & 4 2 March 2000 B580 & D523 Night search for man reported to have walked into sea. Search by lifeboats, coastguards, police and aircraft found nothing. Suspected to have entered sea and then returned to shore.
2 27 February 2000 B580 German Shepherd dog in difficulties after chasing sheep into sea. Dog returned to shore unaided. Sheep found drowned.
1 5 February 2000 B580 Dismasted windsurfer. One man recovered from water together with equipment. Returned safely to shore at Redcar.