Incident Date Boat Details
57 10:45hrs
17 November 2002
B777 Diverted from exercise after Tees pilot cutter reported small cabin cruiser at mouth of River Tees in possible danger from sea and weather conditions. B777 investigated but no assistance required.
55& 56 02:34hrs
14 November 2002
B777 & D407 Person entered the sea from the beach at Redcar. D407 launched while B777 launch cancelled when person was recovered and detained by police.
53 & 54 01:56hrs
25 October 2002
B777 & D407 Woman in distressed state seen walking towards the sea from the beach at Redcar. Search by Redcar’s 2 lifeboats, shore crew, coastguards, police and police helicopter. Search called off after shore crew discovered footprints in wet sand indicating woman had walked back out of sea.
52 11:33hrs
13 October 2002
B777 Surfers in difficulties at Saltburn. Returned to shore unaided as “Leicester Challege 2” arrived.
51 14:03hrs
8 October 2002
B777 Person threatening to commit suicide at cliffs at Saltburn. Stoodby while police dealt with situation.
50 14:25hrs
22 September 2002
B777 Two adults and a child cut off at base of cliffs at Saltburn by rising tide. Leicester Challenge 2 tasked but all three managed to reach safety. Child given first aid by passing Redcar crewman in attendance at Saltburn.
49 12:11hrs
12 September 2002
B777 Two fishing vessels uncertain of their position in fog. Located and escorted to safety at Redcar.
48 12:35hrs
8 September 2002
B777 Report of a yacht anchored in a potentially dangerous position north west of Redcar. B777 sent to investigate. No assistance required – yacht crew found asleep waiting for incoming tide before entering Hartlepool marina.
47 12:02hrs
8 September 2002
B777 Small craft found drifting off Saltburn by passing fishing boat. B777 to over tow and brought craft to shore at Redcar. Appeared to have been set adrift or lost from moorings.
46 11:37hrs
8 September 2002
D407 Two people in danger of being trapped on rocks at Redcar by incoming tide. Taken into lifeboat and brough ashore at Redcar.
45 15:09hrs
29 August 2002
D407 Three people trapped on rocks at Redcar by incoming tide. Waded to safety – no assistance required.
44 15:03hrs
17 August 2002
B777 Kitesurfer in difficulties in Coatham bay when kite became detached. Kite quickly found but no sign of board and person. Area search carried out and person found clinging to board, near to exhaustion. Crew member entered water to support person until lifted into lifeboat.
43 15:55hrs
14 August 2002
B777 Small fishing boat with 2 persons on board, broken down at mouth of River Tees. Towed to safety at moorings in Tees.
42 20:34hrs
8 August 2002
D407 Dog in difficulties. Returned to shore without requiring assistance (THEY USUALLY DO!).
41 16:50hrs
1 August 2002
B777 Yacht uncertain of position and dragging anchor ar Saltburn while waiting for heavy fog to clear. Towed towards Hartlepool where Hartlepool Lifeboat took over and towed yacht to safety in marina.
40 15:32hrs
28 July 2002
D407 Two males in a 4ft rubber dighy being blown to sea in off-shore breeze at Redcar. Picked up by D407 and returned to shore.
39 12:30hrs
28 July 2002
B777 Speedboat reported to be in difficulties in Coatham Bay. B777 diverted from exercise to investigate. No assistance required.
37 & 38 17:06hrs
26 July 2002
B777 & D407 Two males cut off by the tide at base of Huntcliff. One male waded to safety, other lost from sight. Search by Redcar’s Atlantic 75 and relief D Class, coastguards and SeaKing helicopter. Second male found safe after climbing to safety.
36 22:02hrs
22 July 2002
B777 Person threatening to enter the sea after a domestic dispute. No assistance required.
35 16:09hrs
14 July 2002
D523 Small fishing boat disabled by fouled propeller. Boat with 1 person on board towed to safety at Redcar.
33 & 34 00:16hrs
12 July 2002
B777 & D523 Major shore, sea and air search for woman reported to be in difficulties in the sea at Redcar. Nothing found after extensive search. Believed to be hoax call – man taken from scene for questioning by police.See press report. See 29 & 30 below.
32 19:15hrs
11 July 2002
B777 Report of canoes in difficulties at Saltburn. Nothing found after area search – believed to be false alarm with good intent.
31 17:40hrs
3 July 2002
B777 Small boat with 1 adult and 3 boys on board broken down close to mouth of River Tees. Towed to safety in River Tees.
29 & 30 00:20hrs
27 June 2002
B777 & D523 Report of woman in the sea close to the beach at Redcar. Search by Redcar’s lifeboats, shore crew and police spotter plane found nothing. Believed to be false alarm.See press report.
28 15:33hrs
23 June 2002
B777 Small boat with 4 p.o.b. suffering engine problems. B777 launched but craft returned to shore unaided. While returning to station investigated a second craft also with engine difficulties but no assistance was required.
26 & 27 18:18hrs
18 June 2002
B777 & D523 Report of man jumped in to River Tees to rescue dog in distress. Dog returned to shore unaided. Redcar’s lifeboats together with Teesmouth lifeboat, police and coastguard units searched for man but unable to find him. Search scaled down and lifeboats released from search area. See press report.
25 20:22hrs
12 June 2002
B777 Report of jetski in difficulties off Marske beach. Nothing found after area search, believed to be false alarm.
23 & 24 19:53hrs
4 June 2002
B777 & D523 Childs clothing found on Redcar beach. Extensive area search by B777, D523 and Teesmouth lifeboat together with police fixed wing aircraft. Nothing found, believed to be false alarm. See press report.
22 09:45hrs
2 June 2002
B777 B777 diverted from exercise to assist small fishing boat with 2 p.o.b. broken down near Saltburn. Towed to safety at Redcar.
21 16:56hrs
19 May 2002
D523 Launched to rescue two young boys cut off on “scars” (rocks) off Redcar by rising tide. Picked up by “Peterborough Beer Festival 1” and returned to shore at Redcar. See press report.
19 & 20 22:47hrs
6 May 2002
B777 & D523 Launched to recover a body from base of Huntcliff after incoming tide forced Coastguards, Mountain Rescue and Police to abondon their recovery attempt and poor visibility caused RAF SeaKing helicopter to abort attempt. See press report.
18 13:26hrs
28 April 2002
B777 Windsurfer in difficulties in strong winds after equipment failed. Rescued by “Leicester Challenge 2” and returned safely to shore. Lifeboat crewman blown overboard during recovery of sail!See press report.
17 15:35hrs
23 April 2002
B777 Kitesurfer in difficulties close to mouth of River Tees. Leicester Challenge 2 launched to assist but person managed to make to shore unaided and tended to by Coastguard officers. See press report.
16 17:11hrs
31 March 2002
B777 Person trapped on Huntcliff while trying to rescue dog. Crew paged to provide cover but no assistance required -Staithes & Runswick lifeboat and Cleveland Fire Brigade line rescue team in attendance. Man rescued by SeaKing helicopter. See press report.
15 11:10hrs
31 March 2002
D523 Small craft broken down with 3persons on board. D523 diverted from training exercise to tow craft to safety at Redcar.
14 08:07hrs
30 March 2002
B777 Report of further debris from a canoe found inside the mouth of River Tees. Search of river banks and jetties at low tide failed to find anything significant. See press report. also, see later press report.
13 16:07hrs
29 March 2002
B777 Debris from a canoe reported to have been found inside the mouth of River Tees. Area search failed to find further items. Search called off as daylight failed.
11& 12 01:21hrs
22 March 2002
B777 & D523 Person in a canoe missing from Hartlepool. Massive sea and air search involving both Redcar’s lifeboats plus Hartlepool’s two lifeboats and Teesmouth lifeboat, police fixed wing aircraft and numerous RNLI and Coastguard shore parties searched area of last sighting. Search stood down approx. 04:00 to allow lifeboats to refuel and to await first light. Search area extended to approx. 200 sq miles, involving lifeboats used in original search plus Staithes & Runswick lifeboat, Royal Navy vessel, RAF SAR SeaKing helicopter, police fixed wing aircraft. Search abandoned 30 hours after last sighting of canoeist. See BBC News online report of this search. See press report. *** See 2007 update on this incident ***
10 05:42hrs
04 March 2002
D523 Report of red flares at Marske or Saltburn. Nothing found after extensive search. Believed to have been a false alarm with good intent. See press report.
9 05:35hrs
04 March 2002
B718 Report of red flares at Marske or Saltburn. Nothing found after extensive search. Believed to have been a false alarm with good intent.
8 12:43hrs
13 February 2002
B718 Report of a boat capsized in heavy seas and strong winds at Saltburn. Nothing found after extensive search. Believed to have been a false alarm with good intent. See press report.
6 & 7 18:08hrs
09 February 2002
B718 & D523 Red flares seen at Saltburn. Both lifeboats launched but nothing found after extensive sea search. Believed to have been malicious firing of red flares from shoreline or inland.
5 14:10hrs
03 February 2002
B718 Windsurfer in dificulties. Surfer returned to shore before B718 on scene. Searched for missing board and sail but nothing found and returned to station.
3 & 4 16:55hrs
24 January 2002
B777 & D523 Report of kite surfer in distress in strong winds and heavy seas. Extensive sea search by Redcar’s two lifeboats, Hartlepool and Teesmouth lifeboats, RAF SAR Sea King helicopter, Police spotter plane, RNLI shore crew, coastguards and police. Kite sail recovered from the sea by Redcar Lifeboat and identifed as the same kite sail as below. Owner discovered to be at home having failed to report the loss of his kite sail. All resources stood down after 2 hours searching. See press report.
2 15:30hrs
19 January 2002
D523 Same kite surfer as below lost control of kite sail which then blew out to sea. D523 launched to recover to prevent further distress calls.
1 14:58hrs
12 January 2002
D523 Kite surfer in difficulties. Surfer make own way to shore. D 523 on scene within 9 minutes of distress call being made & recovered surfers abondoned equipment.