Incident Date Boat Details
48 02:55
27 December 2003
B777 Male threatening suicide by jumping from cliffs at Saltburn. Male arrested nearby having deliberately avoided cliff top search parties.
47 13:12
26 December 2003
B777 Children stranded on rocks at Redcar by rising tide. Returned to safety unaided.
46 16:21
28 November 2003
B777 Man trapped at base of cliffs by rising tide at Saltburn. Rescued and landed ashore on beach at Saltburn in to care of coastguards.
45 11:59
7 September 2003
B777 Man and 6yr old daughter trapped by rising tide at base of cliffs at Saltburn. Rescued and landed to safety at Saltburn. See press report.
44 07:16
6 September 2003
B777 Fishing vessel with 5 persons on board at Saltburn with steering failure. Towed to safety at Redcar.
42 & 43 14:21
24 August 2003
B777 & D523 Two persons in difficulties in the sea. D523 launched and B777 diverted from exercise at Hartlepool. Casualties found ashore. Crews from both boats gave oxygen and first aid until RAF SeaKing helicopter arrived to evacuate casualties to hospital.
41 15:17
19 August 2003
D523 Report by member of the public of two persons stranded on the rocks at Redcar. D523 “Peterborough Beer Festival 1” launched to investigate. Two persons in wet suits found hunting for crabs amongst the rocks.
40 13:47
19 August 2003
B777 Man in difficulties after attempting to rescue dog from sea at Marske, SE of station. Man returned to shore unaided and dog rescued by B777 crewman who entered water to lift dog to safety in the lifeboat.
38 & 39 14:45
15 August 2003
B777 & D523 Surfer in difficulties at Saltburn in heavy 3-4m breaking seas. Lifeguard attempted rescue but lost control of rescue board in the heavy swell. Surf shop worker rescued surfer but lifeguard continued to be in difficulties. Atlantic 75 entered surf, close to waters edge and crew snatch lifeguard aboard, the lifeboat shipping 2 heavy seas during the rescue. Casualty was transferred to D Class and taken ashore at Saltburn to waiting ambulance.See press report.
37 14:15
10 August 2003
B777 Tasked to investigate wreckage spotted by police aircraft India 88, in a position remote from the site of a sunken vessel being attended to by Teesmouth and Hartlepool L/B’s. On scene it was discovered that the wreckage was in fact flotsum being carried by the tide.
36 12:00
10 August 2003
B777 Numerous Mayday calls from Teesbay due to freak storm. Tees Bay area searched, 5 vessels spoken to and advised on action to take but none in immediate danger, all heading for port.
35 11:30
10 August 2003
B777 Mayday from fishing vessel “FLO” with 3 pob 1.5 miles off Saltburn being swamped by heavy rain and spray from very high winds. L/B found vessel and escorted her to the beach at Saltburn.
34 11:00
10 August 2003
B777 Sudden storm – Mayday to dive boat “Davy Diver”. blown aground with 6 divers onboard in 60knot winds, L/B assisted casualty clear and then left them safe to proceed to another Mayday.See press report.
33 19:53
7 August 2003
B777 Yacht with 2pob on passage from Scarborough to Hartlepool ran aground on East Scar in dense fog sustaining a broken rudder. Leicester Challenge 2 launched and found the yacht and commenced a tow towards Hartlepool. Hartlepool ALB took over the tow across teesbay due to her radar capability in a busy shipping area. See press report.
32 18:44
1 August 2003
D523 Two boys stranded on sea defence groynes. Managed to swim to shore as D523 arrived.
30 & 31 19:26
23 July 2003
B777 & D523 Extensive sea and beach search by lifeboat crew after childrens clothes found on beach east of lifeboat station. Children returned to collect clothes while search ongoing.
29 17:46
23 July 2003
B777 Woman “under the influence” in difficulties in the sea 1 mile NW of lifeboat station. Brough back to shore by boyfriend before lifeboat arrived.
28 16:43
20 July 2003
D523 While still at sea for previous incidents, tasked to investigate swimmer in difficulties 400 yards from shore. Lone diver found, not in need of assistance.
27 16:29
20 July 2003
D523 While returning from previous incident after multiple calls of a blue inflatable swimming ring being blown out to sea. Ring located and returned to shore where it was confirmed that the ring had been lost from the shore. Several young people using inflatables given advice by crew on dangers.
26 16:15
20 July 2003
D523 Tasked to investigate yet another inflatable drifting out to sea. D523 found a 3ft inflatable dinosaur, lost from close inshore at Coatham Bay when the girl using the toy received injuries and lost control of inflatable.
25 14:45
20 July 2003
B777 Following previous 2 incidents B777 tasked to escort to shore a teenage boy using an inflatable dinghy in an attempt to recover a football being blown out to sea! See press report.
24 14:35
20 July 2003
B777 While proceeding to previous incident B777 diverted briefly to investigate a second inflatable toy – no one in difficulties, inflatable taken on board lifeboat.
22 & 23 14:26
20 July 2003
B777 & D523 Person believed to be being blown out to sea on an inflatable toy. Both boats launched to search area. Inflatable dophin found 1.5 miles offshore. No one found after search upwind towards shore – believed to have been lost from beach.
21 19:03
15 July 2003
B777 Male attempting suicide by walking into the sea. Spotted by police CCTV and brought ashore by coastguard and 2 members of the public before lifeboat launched. Male placed in police care then transferred to hospital by ambulance.
18, 19 & 20 17:35
13 July 2003
B777 Three consecutive rescues. Firstly 2 young boys 0.75mile out to sea in a 2m inflatable dinghy in offshore winds. B777 tasked with police spotter plane. Boys found by B777 frightened and suffering from mild hypothermia. Landed at lifeboat station for first aid and interview by police. Then immediately tasked to assist a small boat with engine failure – this boat had been attempting to reach the boys in the dinghy. Finally tasked to another inflatable dinghy with two boys aboard 200 yards from shore edge. Returned to shore to safekeeping of parents and coastguards.See press report.
17 18:33
11 July 2003
D523 Teenager and three younger persons in a 2m inflatable dinghy blowing out to sea in strong offshore winds. Located by “Peterborough Beer Festival 2″‘s crew and returned to parents on waters edge.
16 13:33
28 June 2003
B777 2 persons cut off by incoming tide at Huntcliff, Saltburn. Managed to scramble to safety as B777 arrived. Tasked to carry out area search for more people cut off but nothing found and returned to station.
14 & 15 19:52
16 June 2003
B777& D523 Search for man reported to be attempting to commit suicide by drowning at Saltburn after previous suicide attempts had failed. Nothing found after area search by Redcar’s lifeboats, Coastguard and Police shore parties and Police spotter plane. Lifeboats then tasked to standby while land search carried out close to beach. Search called off as darkness fell. Man later handed himself in at police station.
13 11:58
15 June 2003
B777 Small boat bound from Sunderland to Scarborough broken down and drifting towards rocks at Redcar. Towed to safety at Hartlepool.
12 June 2003
Light van used to recover jet ski from sea bogged down at low water mark. Pulled to safety by lifeboat launching tractor.
12 16:13
11 June 2003
B777 Yacht reported aground off Redcar. “Leicester Challenge 2” launched but no assistance required.
11 19:54
10 June 2003
B777 Small dinghy drifting out to sea. B777 launched and recovered empty dinghy. Area search caried out before being released by Coastguards.
08 June 2003
Fishing boat launching tractor bogged down in sand. Pulled clear by lifeboat launching tractor.
10 11:47
08 June 2003
B777 Report of person missing from home. Tasked to search base of cliffs between Saltburn and Skinningrove. Nothing found. Requested to remain on scene to provide safety cover to shore search party. Missing person later found safe and well.
9 12:03
29 May 2003
D523 Report of person lost overboard from small craft close to shore at Redcar. D523 launched and discovered Scuba divers not displaying recognised diving flag or using standard hand signals.
8 18:24
20 May 2003
D523 Concern for young boy after his dog swam out to sea at Saltburn. Boy dialed 999 for assistance and fortunately did not attempt to swim after dog. Subsequently dialed 999 again to inform coastguard that dog had swum to shore OK. Well done, young man for not trying to go after the dog!
6 & 7 05:33
13 May 2003
B777& D523 Search for lone yachtsman missing overboard after vessel found ashore near Hartlepool. Search later scaled down.
5 10:00
4 May 2003
B777 Small fishing boat dragging it’s anchor in offshore winds during launching. Skipper unable to board boat before craft blown out to sea. B777 diverted from exercise to attach lines to boat and returned safely to shore at Redcar.
4 15:52
26 April 2003
D523 Jetski broken down at Redcar. D523 stood by while casualty craft assisted to shore by second jet ski.
3 18:29
31 March 2003
B777 Surfers in difficulty at Marske. Managed to return to shore before B777 arrived.
16 March 2003
LandRover bogged down in sand in front of lifeboat station whilst launching/recovering sailing dinghy. Towed to safety by lifeboat launching tractor.
15 March 2003
Small van bogged down on beach in line with lifeboat slipway while recovering jet ski from sea. Towed to safety by lifeboat launching tractor.
2 00:51
14 March 2003
B777 Small boat in surf close to shoreline. B777 launched to search for persons in the water. No-one found. 3 persons arrested by police on shore.
1 14:32
16 February 2003
B777 Speedboat broken down at Saltburn with 2 p.o.b. Towed to safety at Saltburn.