Incident Date Boat Details
42 & 43 09:08hrs
18 November 2004
B777 & D460 Extensive air and sea search for missing fishing boat with 2 persons on board. All 11 lifeboats between Tynemouth and Whitby involved together with RAF Nimrod and police aircraft. Nothing found on surface – sonar survey of likely last position of vessel undertaken.
40 & 41 09:00hrs
17 November 2004
B777 & D460 Report of surfer in danger of drowning. False alarm.
39 10:35hrs
22 October 2004
B777 Dog fallen from cliffs at Skinningrove. Dog died of injuries and was removed from beach before lifeboat arrived.
23 September 2004
Yacht taking in water with 4 persons on board. Crew rescued and boat towed safely into Sivota Harbour. Click here for more details…
38 12:00hrs
11 September 2004
D523 Person in danger of drowning after being washed away from capsized jetski in strong off-shore winds. Person rescued and second person still aboard jetski taken into lifeboat. Both persons landed ashore for treatment by first aiders and station doctor. Jetski towed ashore at Redcar.
37 15:38hrs
5 September 2004
D523 Persons on rocks at Redcar cut off by incoming tide. Rescued and landed ashore at Redcar.
36 15:50hrs
29 August 2004
B777 Dismasted windsurfer. Assisted ashore by other windsurfers as lifeboat arrived.
34 & 35 16:20hrs
21 August 2004
B777& D523 Two persons washed out to sea in heavy surf. Washed back ashore some 200 metres apart. Given first aid by crew and treated by station’s deputy Medical Advisor. See press report.
33 16:10hrs
21 August 2004
D523 Children in difficulties in heavy surf – returned to shore unaided before lifeboat launched.
32 19:35hrs
18 August 2004
B777 Tasked from incident below to respond to report of red flares fired north of Hartlepool. Searched with Hartlepool lifeboat but nothing found.
31 19:17hrs
18 August 2004
B777 Search for vessels caught in sudden thunder storm. See press report.
30 20:23hrs
14 August 2004
B777 Red flares fired at Saltburn – nothing found after sea and air search – believed to be false alarm.
28 & 29 12:59hrs
14 August 2004
B777 & D523 Report of surfers in difficulties in the sea at Saltburn. Managed to return to beach unaided.
27 13:52hrs
13 August 2004
B777 Report of person in difficulties in the sea at Marske, south east of station. Nothing found after sea and shore search – believed to be false alram, good intent.
26 13:32hrs
10 August 2004
B777 Fishing boat with 2 persons on board, broken down at Saltscar Buoy. Towed to safety in River Tees.
24 & 25 17:57hrs
9 August 2004
B777 & D523 Woman in distressed condition and three police officers in sea. Crewman from D523 apprehended woman, allowing police to take her into custody.
22 & 23 14:53hrs
8 August 2004
B777 & D523 Report of kitesurfer or parachutist in difficulties 3 miles south east of station. Kite surfer found safe and well and no assistance required.
21 14:03hrs
8 August 2004
B777 Person in a small inflatable dinghy blown out to see near mouth of River Tees. Rescued and returned to safety at Teesmouth lifeboat station.
20 19:00hrs
7 August 2004
D523 D523 on standby while lifeboat launching tractor used to recover car and sunken speedboat from the sea at Redcar. Car recovered and restarted, boat bailed out and replaced on trailer.
18 & 19 19:03hrs
6 August 2004
B777 & D523 Male trapped by incoming tide at base of Huntcliff, Saltburn. Rescued after attempting to climb the highest cliffs in England to escape! See press report.
16 & 17 19:15hrs
4 August 2004
B777 & D523 Concern over small inflatable boat with 2 persons in thickening fog. Search found the craft safe and well.
15 16:45hrs
1 August 2004
B777 Person cut off by incoming tide at Huntcliff, Saltburn. Assisted by beach lifeguards.
13 & 14 18:03hrs
23 July 2004
B777 & D523 Person cut off by incoming tide at Huntcliff, Saltburn. Rescued and transferred to ambulance at Saltburn. See press report.
12 15:40hrs
17 July 2004
B777 Small boat broken down off Redcar with 3 young people onboard. All three attempted to swim ashore. B777 launched and stood by until they made the shore then the broken down craft was towed to the beach.
11 11:59hrs
11 July 2004
B777 999 call reporting small unmanned boat ashore in breaking surf at Marske. B777 tasked to search for missing persons while Coastguards investigated ashore. Boat’s owner found safe and well ashore, preparing to recover boat from sea.
10 17:35hrs
05 July 2004
B777 Small boat with 3 persons on board, broken down near Huntcliff, Saltburn. Towed to safety at Saltburn.
9 15:39hrs
19 June 2004
B777 Kite surfer in difficulties in Coatham Bay near Redcar. “Leicester Challenge 2” launched to assist but surfer managed to return to shore unaided. Kite recovered from sea and brought back to lifeboat station.
8 12:21hrs
19 May 2004
B777 Windsurfer sustained dislocated ankle while at sea. Rescued and given first aid by crew and station doctor before transfer to hospital by paramedics. Lifeboat relaunched to recover board and sail.
7 18:35hrs
2 May 2004
B777 Launched at request of police to recover debris from capsized speedboat (see below).
6 15:58hrs
2 May 2004
D419 Launched to search for persons missing from capsized speedboat (see below). Teesmouth Lifeboat, Hartlepool Lifeboat, Hartlepool Inshore Lifeboat, Coastguards, Paramedics, Doctor, Police and Rescue SeaKing Helicopter in attendance.
5 15:40hrs
2 May 2004
B777 Launched to capsized speedboat with 3 persons onboard. Recovered 1 injured & hypothermic survivor from bow of sinking craft and one body. Second body recovered by Hartlepool Inshore Lifeboat. Later towed capsized boat to shore at Redcar into care of police.Click here to see BBC report of the rescue.Click here for press report.
4 22:24hrs
24 April 2004
B777 Fishing boat with 2 p.o.b.aground in River Tees on falling tide. Together with Teesmouth Lifeboat paid out fishing boat’s anchor and evacuated crew to await incoming tide.
3 18:17hrs
11 April 2004
B777 Persons in danger of being cut off by incoming tide at base of Huntcliff, Saltburn. Crew stood down after persons returned to safety unaided.
5 March 2004
Fishing boat launching tractor broken down while recovering boat from sea. Lifeboat launching tractor used to tow broken down tractor to safety then recovered fishing boat to promenade.
2 11:18hrs
24 January 2004
B777 Small fishing craft with 3 persons and a dog on board, broken down off Marske Towed to safety at Redcar.
1 09:11hrs
3 January 2004
B777 Small fishing craft with 2 persons on board, broken down in surf close to shore. Stood by while craft returned to shore using auxillary engine.