Incident Date Boat Details
31& 32 16:25hrs
13 December 2005
B773 & D480 Report of flares fired in Tees Bay. Nothing found after search by B773, D480, Teesmouth lifeboat and HM Coastguard. See this link for a possible explaination.
29 & 30 09:53hrs
23 October 2005
B777 & D480 Person attempting suicide by jumping from cliffs at Saltburn. Both boats stood by until person taken into custody by police.
27& 28 18:02hrs
19 October 2005
B777 & D480 Report of person walking into the sea at Marske. Extensive search by lifeboats from Redcar and Teesmouth, coastguard officers, police helicopter and RAF SeaKing helicopter failed to find person.
25 & 26 13:09hrs
25 September 2005
B777 & D480 Jetskier with head and neck injuries and hypothermia. Second jetskier who went to assist also in difficulties and hypothermic. Both rescued and given first aid by crew aboard B777 then landed ashore for treatment by doctor and paramedics before medivac to hospital. Both jetski machines recovered and towed to shore by D480. See press report.
24 12:38hrs
22 September 2005
B777 Report of boat overdue from Redcar. B777 launched to search but boat found safe ashore. False alarm, good intent.
22 & 23 20:30hrs
7 September 2005
B777 & D480 Red flares in Tees Bay. Nothing found after extensive search. Flare believed to have been fired from shore.
20 & 21 12:47hrs
28 August 2005
B777 & D523 Numerous sailing dinghies in difficulties off Hartlepool. Extensive air/sea rescue operation involving lifeboats from Redcar, Teesmouth and Hartlepool, Coastguards and police and RAF helicopters plus other vessels. See BBC report. See press report.
19 14:27hrs
25 August 2005
B777 Person fallen from cliffs at Saltburn. See press report.
17& 18 18:23hrs
21 July 2005
B777 & D523 Person in the water at Saltburn. Rescued by others.
15 & 16 23:40hrs
16 July 2005
B777 & D523 Person in the water at Skinningrove. Rescued and detained by police officers.
14 13:48hrs
4 July 2005
B777 Reports of boat on fire off Saltburn. Nothing found after area search. False alarm good intent.
13 14:15hrs
3 July 2005
B777 Small fishing boat with 2 persons on board broken down off Saltburn. Towed to safety at Saltburn.
12 13:31hrs
3 July 2005
B777 Dive boat with 3 persons on board, broken down off Skinningrove. Towed to safety at Saltburn.
10 & 11 00:35hrs
9 June 2005
B777& D523 Woman attempting suicide. Recovered from sea by police.
9 13:48hrs
30 May 2005
B777 Fishing boat suffering engine failure, 3 persons on board. Towed to safety at Redcar.
7 & 8 11:07hrs
3 May 2005
B777 & D523 Two males cut of by incoming tide at base of Huntcliff, Saltburn. Rescued and returned to shore at Saltburn.
6 09:55hrs
3 Apr 2005
B777 Diverted from exercise to tow broken down boat with 1 p.o.b. back to moorings in River Tees..
5 10:15hrs
2 Apr 2005
D523 Woman walked into sea. Helped ashore by member of public.
4 13:50hrs
25 Mar 2005
B777 Small boat with 2 persons on board broken down NW of Redcar. Towed to safety in River Tees. Click here for some timely advice.
3 17:04hrs
23 Jan 2005
B777 Man washed off South Gare breakwater by heavy seas. Man washed ashore and given medical treatment before medivac to hospital by SeaKing helicopter but later died in hospital. Click here for BBC report. Click here for press report and click here for more.
2 14:28hrs
15 Jan 2005
B777 Children cut off by incoming tide. Waded ashore unaided. Given first aid by crew and checks by station doctor before being sent home.
1 10:55hrs
01 Jan 2005
B777 Horse ran into sea after throwing rider. Horse returned to shore as B777 arrived.