Incident Date Boat Details
40 10:24hrs
22 Oct 2006
B777 Yacht with damaged sails in strong winds near Saltscar Buoy. Escorted until sails made safe and auxillary engine started.
39 09:39hrs
15 Oct 2006
B777 Fishing boat with 2 pob broken down off Saltburn. Towed to safety at Redcar.
37& 38 15:35hrs
16 Sep 2006
B777 & D523 Person fallen from cliffs at Saltburn. Transported police officers to scene and recovered body from base of cliffs to lifeboat. All landed ashore at Redcar.
35 & 36 12:29hrs
15 Sep 2006
B777 & D523 Woman taken ill while walking along beach between Skinningrove and Saltburn. Given first aid before being evacuated by sea to waiting ambulance at Skinningrove.
34 18:34hrs
13 Sep 2006
B777 Fishing boat with 2pob, broken down close off Redcar. Towed to safety at Redcar.
33 21:20hrs
11 Sep 2006
D523 Fishing boat with 2pob, broken down close to lifeboat station. Towed to safety at Redcar.
32 23:36hrs
3 Sep 2006
B777 Person in the water at Marske. Recovered by police officers.
11 Aug 2006
Crewmwmbers gave oxygen and first aid treatment to elderly woman with broken arm, elbow and collarbone after a fall near lifeboat station.
31 11:07hrs
17 Aug 2006
D523 Fishing boat with 2 persons on board hard aground on rocks at Redcar. Refloated by lifeboat crew on incoming tide.Click here for images.
29 & 30 18:54hrs
4 Aug 2006
B777 & D523 Request from Humber coastguard to give further assistance to stranded yacht – see below. Tow line attached and yacht pulled to safe water on rising tide. Click here for images.
27 & 28 15:43hrs
4 Aug 2006
B777 & D523 27ft yacht with 3 persons on board, aground on Westscar, Redcar. Crew taken to safety until damage to yacht assessed. Crew then place back on board to await incoming tide.
26 18:25hrs
26 Jul 2006
B777 Small boat broken down approx. 1 mile east of lifeboat station. Towed to safety at Redcar.
25 22:16hrs
25 Jul 2006
B777 RIB broken down near Saltscar Buoy with 3 persons on board. Towed to safety at River Tees.
23 & 24 10:41hrs
24 Jul 2006
B777 & D523 Multiple 999 calls reporting a person in difficulties in the sea at Saltburn. Diver found adrift from his surface vessel – picked up and returned to craft.
22 16:13hrs
23 Jul 2006
B777 17ft boat with 3 persons on board, broken down 2.5 miles from lifeboat station. Towed to safety at Redcar.
21 10:49hrs
12 Jul 2006
B777 20ft fishing boat with 2 persons aboard broken down 0.25 miles N of Saltscar Buoy. Towed to safety inside River Tees.
20 15:42hrs
11 Jul 2006
B777 8m sports cruiser broken down with 2 persons aboard, 1.5 miles east of South Gare lighthouse. Towed to safety inside River Tees.
19 09:29hrs
9 Jul 2006
B777 Search for diver reported overdue. Found safe and well.
17 & 18 09:13hrs
3 jul 2006
B777 &
Search involving 4 lifeboats & fisheries vessel for fishingboat broken down in thick fog. Located by Staithes lifeboat and towed to safety at Skinningrove.
16 10:30hrs
2 Jul2006
B777 powerboat unsure of it’s position close to rocks at Redcar. Escorted to safe waters.
15 21:12hrs
27 Jun 2006
B777 Broken down RIB, 1 mile NW of Saltscar Buoy. Towed to safety at Hartlepool.
14 Jun 2006
Request from Humber Coastguard to assist with van bogged down on beach at Redcar. Vehicle recovered by others as crew were assembling.
13 Jun 2006
RTA involving pedestrian v fishing boat on trailer outside lifeboat station. Serious leg injuries treated by crew before casualty was evacuated to hospital by air ambulance.
14 16:16hrs
12 Jun 2006
B777 Kite surfer in difficulties in mouth of River Tees. Rescued and landed ashore.
13 18:03hrs
11 Jun 2006
B777 Jetski broken down 2.5 miles SE of station. Rider, wearing only a pair of shorts, rescued and given treatment for hypothermia before being landed ashore and taken to hospital by ambulance.Click here for press report.
11 Jun 2006
Land Rover used to recover dive boat (see below) stranded with incoming tide. Vehicle, boat & trailer towed to safety by lifeboat launching tractor. Click here for photo. Click here for press report.
12 12:42hrs
11 Jun 2006
D523 Dive boat broken down close to lifeboat station at Redcar. Towed to shore by fishing vessel before lifeboat launched.
11 08:34hrs
04 Jun 2006
B777 Fishing coble off Skinningrove with gearbox failure, 5 persons on board.Towed to safety at Redcar.
28 May 2006
Elderly women fell near lifeboat station and sustained head injuries. Treated by crew and sent to hospital by ambulance.
10 23:59hrs
26 May 2006
B777 Person in the sea at Saltburn. False alarm – discovered to be swimmers not in danger – launch cancelled.
17 May 2006
Runner collapsed outside lifeboat station. Given first aid & oxygen and attended by station doctor until paramedic ambulance arrived.
9 14:06hrs
26 Apr 2006
D523 Kitesurfer in difficulties. Returned to shore unaided – launch cancelled.
8 12:47hrs
29 Mar 2006
B773 Launched to standby while HMCG recovered body from cliffs at Saltburn. All evacuated by Sea King helicopters from RAF Boulmer & RAF Leckonfield. See Coastguard report.See image taken from Redcar Lifeboat.
7 01:56hrs
13 Mar 2006
B773 Person in the sea at Redcar. Recovered by police officers before B777 launched.
5 & 6 10:00hrs
19 Feb 2006
B773 & D480 Continued search for person missing after entering the sea at Redcar. Redcar lifeboat & inshore lifeboat searched together with Police air support helicopter, mounted police officers, Coastguard officers. Nothing found. See press report.
3 & 4 19:16hrs
18 Feb 2006
B773 & D480 Report of person entering the water at Redcar. Search by lifeboats from Redcar and Hartlepool, police and RAF helicopters, police officers, Coastguards and lifeboat shore crew. Nothing found and search abandoned.
1 & 2 08:21hrs
19 Jan 2006
B773 & D480 Large scale sea, air & shore search for missing fishing boat with one person aboard. Lifeboats from Redcar, Teesmouth and Hartlepool, Coastguard teams and two RAF Sea King helicopters involved. Vessel found unmanned by Teesmouth lifeboat. Search for skipper called off at sunset. See BBC report.