The Team

Dr Roger Smith – Branch Chairman & Lifeboat Medical Adviser

Roger is a GP at a local practice. He as a special interest in emergency medicine and has been the station’s Honorary Medical Adviser for over 20 years. Roger was appointed branch chairman in 2017.

Mike Picknett – Lifeboat Operations Manager
Mike was appointed as lifeboat operations manager in 2019. He received the 30-year bar to his long service badge in 2015 and was was awarded the BEM for services to the RNLI in 2012. He has previously been helmsman and deputy launching authority. He works for the renewable energy industry.

Howard Smith – Deputy Launching Authority
Howard joined the station as a Deputy Launching Authority (DLA) in 2014. After many years in the police as a specialist in Police Diving and Marine Operations, he is now the a health and safety advisor in the public sector. Howard says: ‘I enjoy my work with the Redcar team and I’ve started mentoring young people who are completing their Duke of Edinburgh Award and are using the RNLI as charity work to complete the award.’
Mark McGuire – Deputy Launching Authority & Tractor Driver
Mark joined the crew at Redcar in 2008 because he wanted to something worthwhile and help local people. He has been lifeboat crew and tractor driver before being appointed DLA in 2019. Mark says: ‘Tthe best part of being a crew member is that he is involved in helping others and making a difference to someone’s life.’ >Mark works as a shipping clerk for a local haulage company and spends his free time doing many things from anything outdoors to cooking.
Derek Robinson – Deputy Launching Authority
Derek joined the crew in 1986. After a long time as boat crew, Derek became one of the station’s tractor drivers and on his retirement from the tractor he was appointed DLA in 2019.

Dave Cocks – Lifeboat Press Officer
Dave joined the station in 1978, following in his father’s footsteps. During his time on the station he has been crew member, tractor driver, senior tractor driver, tractor mechanic, deputy launching authority and lifeboat operations manager. Dave says: ‘The camaraderie and dedication of the volunteer crew is what makes being on the station most worthwhile.’ Dave works as a freelance first aid instructor, having previously spent many years working in the iron & steel industry.
Tony Jamieson – Sea Safety Officer
Tony has been involved with the RNLI for 50 years.He was previously a crew member at a nearby lifeboat station. He is a retired transport manager.

Peter Haslett – Lifeboat Treasurer
Peter has been the station’s treasurer for over 30 years, having joined as shore crew in 1984. He is a retired assistant bank manager.
Andy Beevis – Helmsman
Helmsman Andy is a lobster merchant. He joined the RNLI in 2001.
Cameron Bond – Helmsman
Cameron joined the RNLI in 1992. He is a pilot boat skipper.
Barry Knaggs – Crew member
Barry has been with the crew since 1987 and holds the RNLI’s 30-year long service badge. He is an emergency care assistant for Yorkshire Ambulance Service.
Craig Pearson – ILB helmsman & mechanic
Craig joined the Redcar station in 2006, having served at Teesmouth lifeboat station from 2001. He works in the offshore industry.

Ben Howard – ILB helmsman
Ben joined the station in 2012. He is a tug boat skipper on the River Tees.
Derek Sutton – helmsman
Derek transferred to Redcar from a station in Scotland in 2017. He is an IT specialist.
Derek Nelson – Crew member
Derek joined us in 2006. He is a specialist in the offshore pipe and cable laying industries.
Ed Thomas – crew member
Ed served on the Hartlepool lifeboat before joining Redcar. He is a training co-ordinator.
Stuart Nelson – Crew member
Like his father Derek, Stuart joined the Redcar station in 2006 from a nearby station. Stuart is a ROV pilot.
Nathan Hobday – Helmsman & Training Co-ordinator
Nathan joined the station in 2010 as a trainee. He saw the lifeboat launching on a few rescues and decided he wanted to be part of the team. Nathan works in the offshore renewables industry. His main hobby is photography.

Ben Cutter – Crew
Ben joined the RNLI in 2015. He is currently a deck hand on the river pilot vessels..
Luke Picknett – Crew
Luke joined the station in 2014. He works in the renewables industry.
Stephen Sill – Crew
Steve works for the local port authority. He joined Redcar RNLI in 2011.
Neil Lavan – Crew
Neil joined the station in 2016. He is an ROV pilot having previously worked as a mechanical fitter at a nearby rolling mill.
Paul McQuillan- Crew
Paul joined the station in 2017. He works as a rope access rigger in the oil and gas industry.
Steve (Ako) Atkinson- Crew
Steve joined the station in 2017. He works as a care assistant in the NHS.
Lewis Bennett- Trainee
Lewis joined the station as a trainee in 2018. He is a mechanical technicial in the renewables industry.
Anthony Sanderson- Trainee
Anthony joined the station in 2018 and works in the building industry.
Adam Enderwick- Trainee
Adam joined the station in 2019 and is a taxi driver.
Ryan Thompson- Trainee
Ryan joined the station in 2019 and works in shipping.
Doug Shotton – Tractor Driver & Tractor mechanic
Doug is our senior tractor driver and tractor mechanic, joining in 1994. Doug is a retired miner, having worked in a local potash mine for many years.
Steve Fordham – Tractor driver
Steve joined the station in 2016 as a trainee tractor driver. He works for a recycling company.
Steve Atkinson – Tractor Driver
Steve joined the RNLI in 1997. Steve is a psychiatric nurse.
Bruce Hardy – Tractor Driver
Bruce was a crew member before becoming a tractor driver, joining in 2001. He drives heavy goods vehicles.
Nigel Gardner – Tractor driver
Nigel rejoined the station in 2017 having previously served as a tractor driver. He is a cricket club bar steward.
Alan McKay – trainee tractor driver
Alan rejoined the station in 2019 having previously served as a trainee tractor driver. He works for a local bus company.
Shane Kyme – trainee tractor driver
Shane joined us in 2019. He is a police officer.
Trevor Jones – Lifeboat Station Attendant
Lifeboat station attendant Trevor is a retired funeral director and joined the team in 2010.